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Ed Slott

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Financial Planning


Family Estate Organizer™

This module provides you with a high level overview of the Family Estate Organizer, the benefits to you as an advisor, and the benefits to the prospects and the clients to whom you offer this value-added service. You are going to hear about key tips, tools, and best practices that make the utilization of this tool a success.  Click Here To Learn More...

The Bucket Plan® 1.0 Best Interest Process

The Bucket Plan® 1.0 Best Interest Process is a 6-Step process. There are 5 key tools that help to educate clients on The Money Cycle and The Bucket Plan® Philosophy, uncover their assets, analyze their income gap at retirement, and determine their market volatility tolerance.  Click Here To Learn More...

How to Read and Understand a Tax Return

This resource will provide detailed information about how to read and understand a tax return.  Click Here To Learn More...


The Pyramid of Risk

The Pyramid of Risk is a method to help educate clients on investment options, explain where investment options fall on a high-to-low risk scale, and shows where their current portfolio falls in comparison to the recommended high, medium, and low risk category
ranges.  Click Here To Learn More...

The Bucket Plan® 2.0 Holistic Planning Process

Planning for a secure and prosperous future requires more today than any other time. With our unique approach, we provide the personalized care, professional expertise and active support to ensure your dangers are eliminated and opportunities captured. With The Bucket Plan® 2.0 Holistic Planning Process, we provide an uncommon breadth of service to guide you in all areas of your financial well-being including wealth and risk management, tax and estate planning and active investment advice.  Click Here To Learn More...

The Tax Efficient Roadmap

The Tax Efficient Roadmap is a one page document that captures information which does not show up on the client’s tax return but can lead to financial planning opportunities.  Click Here To Learn More...


Sales from A 1040

This resource will teach you advanced sales concepts utilizing a client or prospects tax return.  Click Here To Learn More...

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The 10K Boomers A Day Opportunity®

In-source expertise and capability with this powerful Medicare Supplement marketing program. With information from this module, you will learn how to hire and promote a skilled insurance agent onto your team and build a stream of leads for your financial advising practice quickly and easily.  Click Here To Learn More...


The Tax Practice Builder®

Create a new base of clients and integrate tax preparation and planning services into your financial advisory firm. This innovative solution enables you to provide a more comprehensive service offering to clients through the addition of a tax professional in your office. We will teach you the art of transforming a tax client into a financial services client. Our proven client acquisition program includes all the hiring methods, scripts and videos required to be fully prepared for the next tax season.  Click Here To Learn More...


The Social Security Consultant

The process takes you through all the steps to become a social security consultant and provide a unique service which is in critical demand in your community and throughout the
United States.  Click Here To Learn More...


Real Wealth® Weekly

Clarity 2 Prosperity and Real Wealth have joined forces to offer you a marketing program like no other. This turnkey podcast marketing system will give you the tools to communicate relevant educational material to your clients 52 times per year via e-mail and your own personalized website.

To view a sample of what your personalized website will look like, please visit: http://myrealwealthadvisor.com/thesmithgroup


Links 2 Success™

An innovative and cost-effective golf marketing solution designed to filter and target ideal prospects and build your local brand with no direct mail costs! This powerfully successful program creates a unique experience via an informative outing at an exclusive local golf club. We give you all the tools, systems and best practices for this out-of-the-box lead generator.  Click Here To Learn More...


Food & Finance

Utilize this proven marketing process to host monthly Food & Finance workshops for client and prospects to educate them on various important topics throughout the year.  Click Here To Learn More...


The Attorney Advisor Alliance™

Unify the estate and financial planning process by leveraging a nationwide alliance with The National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys and Clarity 2 Prosperity. This unique program will turbo-charge your referrals, increase credibility, and bridge the critical gap between two essential planning areas while splitting the marketing costs between like-minded professionals.

This program is only open to National Network Attorneys and Clarity 2 Prosperity Advisory Group Advisors and their approved guests.  Click Here To Learn More...


The Referral Experience™

This process takes you through step by step on how to gain referrals from existing clients and how to turn those referrals into clients.

Click Here To Learn More...


Seminar Success Strategies and C2P Approved Public Seminars

In this module, you will learn how to properly conduct The Clarity 2 Prosperity Seminar: Holistic Planning to Orchestrate your Wealth & Financial Well-Being.

Dr. Kerry Johnson will take you through a session in The Psychology of delivering the seminar as well as 6 modules to present like a pro.  Click Here To Learn More...

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Practice Management


The Revenue Resource

The Revenue Resource is an interactive call series to help advisors let go of all their scheduling. In eight, one-hour calls, Gina Pellegrini will train your marketing coordinator to get returned calls and build confidence to overcome any objection to your calendar week after week.  Click Here To Learn More...


The Hiring Advantage

To order The Hiring Advantage book and have access to all the tools for hiring, contact Gina Pellegrini at 952-829-5300 or go to www.pellegriniteam.com.  Click Here To Learn More...


Calls on Practice Management

Topics discussed in the Practice Management Call Series were developed from feedback by team members in offices around the country. Calls have been designed to provide insights and tools to build internal communication, client interaction, training tools, and processes, to name a few benefits. Listening to these calls will help team members understand some key components of office coordination.  Click Here To Learn More...


The Kolbe Discovery

Gina Pellegrini provides a overview of the Kolbe Discovery and its various components.  Click Here To Learn More...

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Live Training


Mastermind Collegium - December 2019

In this section, you will find all of the video presentations from each section of The Mastermind Collegium, which was held in December, 2019 in Tampa, Florida. We discussed program updates, Growth Training, How to use speaking to grow your practice, The experience of bringing on an associate advisor, Ed Talks, Top Advisor Showcase, The Top 5 Roundtable, Breakout Deep Dives and more. Click Here To Learn More...

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Ed Slott Training (for Ed Slott IRA

& Elite IRA Advisors)


The Ed Slott Outflow System - Overview

The Ed Slott Outflow System is offered to Ed Slott IRA and Elite IRA advisors and is comprised of six unique steps to help you effectively market to your existing clients, reach new prospects, strengthen relationships with your centers of influence, and build your brand and create recognition through the use of media including television, radio, and print. Through this system you will learn effective strategies to engage media, centers of influence, clients, and prospects which will create awareness about your brand and you.  Click Here To Learn More...


The Ed Slott Outflow System - Clients & Prospects Activity

This process shows you how to apply the Ed Slott Outflow System when working with Clients & Prospects.  Click Here To Learn More...


The Ed Slott Outflow System - Centers of Influence Activity

This process shows the importance of building and strengthening relationships with Centers of influence which can become powerful referral sources.  Click Here To Learn More...


The Ed Slott Outflow System - Media Activity

This process discusses how to apply the outflow system to media activity. In this module you will learn the two distinct ways financial advisors can effectively work with the media.  Click Here To Learn More...


The Ed Slott Outflow System - Materials

In this module you will find all the important outflow items for the Ed Slott Outflow System. This module is broken down to Client Materials, Prospect Materials, Centers of Influence Materials, and Media Materials. These outflow items include articles, charts, documents, e-mails, graphics, videos, webcasts and white papers. As new outflow materials become available from Ed Slott, they will be updated in this module as well.

Please obtain permission from the article source for reprints and rights to distribute.

Click Here To Learn More...

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